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Gregg Thomas Dart LMT
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Coronavirus & Massage

Update, Friday 7/17/2020

I am continuing to follow the NYS Guidelines issued by the Governor of New York as he announced that he is extending the state's coronavirus restrictions. As of Monday 7/7/2020 our county is now in Phase 4.  

When I reopen I will be following the CDC protocols concerning Sanitizing and disinfecting the office prior to reopening. 


   I am “not accepting” any new Patients at this time.

Beginning June 30th 2020 I will be reopening on a limited and part-time basis for current patients until Aug 2020 at which time I may move into a less limited schedule. 

When I reopen...

This is what you can expect prior to your appointment and when you arrive. 

Prior to your visit - and some preventions

  • If you believe that you have come within 6 feet of someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 2 weeks I ask that you self-quarantine and reschedule your appointments for 14 days later
  • If you have any symptoms for COVID-19 (fever, dry cough, body aches vomiting) during the last week? I suggest you taking your temperature at home and confirming that you are below 100.4 (according to the CDC) before making the trip in. 
  • If you can answer “yes” to the above, then you should call/text me at 845-532-6693 and reschedule your appointment for a time 14 days after your last symptoms showed. I will reschedule your appointment at no charge, please know that this means that even if you take your temperature right before you leave your house and it’s high, please notify me, I would rather err on the side of caution and again you will not be charged. 
  • If you are in a high risk group or live with someone in a high risk group (60+ years of age, lung issues, immunocompromised, cancer patient) I recommend that you avoid as much contact as possible (social distancing) on your way to and from appointments.

Screening at the office when you arrive

  1. You will be expected to wash your Hands in the bathroom that’s in the hallway prior to your entering for your Massage or use the hand sanitizer which is located at both entry doors.
  2. I will ask your permission in using a Digital Forehead/Temple Thermometer when you arrive at the office to confirm that you do not have a fever. In addition, I will be asking if you have had any symptoms (fever, dry cough, whole body aches, vomiting) during the last week. If you show a temperature above 100.4I will not be working on you and you will not be charged for the appointment. Since this would obviously be a giant hassle for you to have made the trip I ask that you diligently self screen.
  3. Lastly, there will be no overlapping of patients it will strictly be a one on one therefore, I ask that you be on time for your appointment so to prevent any overlapping. 

“Practices and precautions that I will take at to help prevent the spread of COVID-19

  • Everyone  gets a new, freshly laundered set of sheets including (and especially) the face cradle cover.
  • I will as always wash my hands between every session.
  • Whenever we are within 6ft of each other and especially when working near the face the I will be wearing a surgical mask as to further prevent spreading the virus. I will make available to everyone a face make should they want one.
  • If I am running a fever or showing any symptoms of a cold or flu I will close the office and self quarantine for 2 weeks. 

Personal thoughts of why I am planning on reopening. 

Massage is a stress reducing service that helps boost your immune systemin a very low risk environment. 

I understand that “very low risk” is not the same as “no risk.” And that some of you will choose to forego getting massage in the short term as a precaution and one less potential place you could contract the virus. Although my thought is that you could be at far greater risk to get the virus at the supermarket than from getting a massage. However , if you are not in a high risk group as a way to feel some normalcy in your life I invite you to consider getting your massage as a way to de-stress during this very stressful time. I will continue to create a safe space where you can get away from the stress, knowing that I am doing everything possible to keep you, your family and me safe from COVID-19. 

 Yours in Health,


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